Wednesday 4th October 2017


at The Stitching Elmers

112 & 113 High Street, Ryde, PO33 2BQ


Let’s face it, we all know Halloween isn’t just for kids!!! Luckily for you, I have been developing a Halloween papercraft just for us grown up boils and ghouls! I was inspired by this Heart House and thought… hmmm how I can make this cutesy ornament into something dark and evil!

(Well to be honest, I love the cutesy version too, and look forward to teaching you how to make the “nice” one another time. But that is not the season upon us… Mwahahaha!)

After a LOT of trial and error… (urgh! They make it look so easy online!), I have come up with a new Halloween House for those of us with more morbid, ghoulish disposition… heheheh.

So, how do you make one?

We will cut out 12 house shapes with a circle cut out of centre. Yikes! 12!?! That sounds like hard work!

Fear not my witches, I have designed a stencil to make things very easy and accurate, which each one of you can take home to make more when the mood, or ehem, spirits, move you…




Stamp a design on your card stock if you desire and simply glue the sides together.




Choose a Halloween themed cupcake topper to fit and glue in the circle.




Pick some satin ribbon and thread one bead on top and one on the bottom for a neat and tidy finish.



Voila! You have your haunted spinning lantern house!




Plus, as a bonus, don’t waste that circle you cut out! Make a small pumpkin ornament using the same technique as before to hang up too! Who doesn’t love a 2 for 1?

It is amazing what you can do with just some paper, scissors, and glue. Let’s get haunting…err I mean crafting!

Only £10 per person! Card stock, stamp & ink, beads, ribbon, Halloween topper and a take home stencil all included!

Plus tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided to keep our creative strength going!

Space is limited, so leave a comment or find me on Facebook to book your place now!

Any questions? I’d love to hear from you! As always, I hope to see you soon!