I Love This Town!

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A little while ago I was having fun showing a few people how to make paper stars out of recycled Christmas cards. More and more people kept asking me to show them how to fold these cards and I was so passionate about it a friend suggested I have a go at teaching my own craft workshop. At first I baulked at the idea, who me!? But the idea grew and grew and a little voice inside said, go for it! I managed to muster enough courage to ask around to see if anyone would be interested in hosting me, and low and behold, they were!

Liz at Splash has been absolutely fabulous in suggesting who to connect with in Ryde. I have been going to her shop for years to buy all my greetings cards which have now made me famous around the globe for “always sending the best cards!”.

Liz has been so helpful in getting the word out and promoting my workshops in her beautiful card and jewellery shop on Union Street, the only problem is… the cards I buy there are too pretty to cut up! 

Sew n So Fabrics and Fired Art Ceramics have been fantastic in giving me my first shot at teaching my recycled paper star ornaments. Teaching craft has grown into a life of its own, full of glitter and glue, and now there is no turning back! I have since met some wonderful crafty friends in the process. It has now grown and people are asking for more and more workshops all around the island!

Lindsey and Marie at Sew n So Fabrics are very talented and knowledgable women, whom I am very happy to have met and been deeply inspired by. 

Their marvellous fabric and wool shop is also host to Make It Wight which fills the place will all manner of beautiful hand made gifts. It is a great place to highlight what this gorgeous island has to offer and the creativity it brings.

I can barely leave the place without indulging in some lovely lace ribbon, beautiful buttons, and perhaps a gift item I say is for someone else, but never manage to give away….Oh come on! I deserve a treat too, right? Okay, mental note…always buy two! One for me, one for you, I promise!

Anne Brown at Fired Art Ceramics has such gentle kindness which was just what I needed to get my foot in the door with this whole new craft adventure.

Anne’s studio is full of vibrant people all who all love to chat, laugh, paint, knit & craft!

Not forgetting to mention of course, their delicious selection of teas and cakes at the cafe in the back to keep us all going!

I urge you to visit these places and see for yourself what they have on offer. The Isle of Wight is brimming with open hearted, creative and talented people. Let’s support them and join together to make this community something about which we can all shout “I LOVE THIS TOWN!”

So…What Is A Photo Star?

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Now, you are probably thinking, what on earth is a Photo Star? Never heard of it?!

That is because it is a whole new craft!!!!! How cool is that? I am super excited to be able to show you what this new paper-craft ornament is and what to expect at one of our workshops!

Okay, so here goes….



I can show you how you transform your old greetings cards into beautiful 3D origami-style hanging ornaments that you can then decorate in all sorts of fun and fabulous ways, one of which is to put a photo of a loved-one in it!









So you’re wondering, can I do this? If you can cut and fold paper, love ribbon, buttons and all things shiny, as well as the idea of recycling….YES YOU CAN! If your fingers have limited flexibility from, say, arthritis… no problem! We can work together, as long as you bring your imagination, a flare for colour and and of course laughter!



After all that is what these craft workshops are all about. I want you to spend your time being inspired, making new friends, and for you to feel good learning something new while also having a great time doing-so! But, don’t just take my word for it… checkout these testimonials from some of my past craft students!

Okay, I am now going to let you in on a secret…these little guys look really complicated, which is great to impress all your friends and loved ones. However, little do they know….they are actually super, super easy to make!!!!











I originally got the idea from You Tube, check out this video tutorial for ideas! After A LOT of trial and error…I have now adapted it, and figured out a new way to make it easier and bring a bit more bling by adding some crafty fun goodness to these bad boys, which I am more than excited to share with you!

At the workshop you will have plenty of gorgeous greeting cards, colourful ribbons, buttons, rhinestones, and lots of adorable craft embellishments to choose from!

I want to give you a relaxing and enjoyable space for you to practice your craft, making it as easy as possible by giving you all the tools and instruction you need right at your finger tips.

And once you learn it, you can teach others how fun this craft is, too! This is a great craft to do with older children, which would be a great way to get them off those dang phones!



Once you nail down the basic design, who knows what wonderful variations and creations you will discover and make! The thing I love most about this star design is that it is very adaptable… for example, it can be used to make garlands for weddings or birthdays… plus, of course, Christmas!!!!



Besides making very professional looking holiday ornaments, why not try stacking-up different sizes to build mini Christmas trees as table decorations?! Seriously, the list is endless for what you can do with these stars. The more workshops I teach, the more I am inspired and impressed by everyone’s enthusiasm and imagination.

By adding a photo to your star, they make great memento gifts for new-borns, birthdays, hen parties, weddings, loved-ones, pets and more. Here are a few examples from the rather unconventional spectrum of ideas that my students came up with….


This person really loves Marmite!



Ezme loves a character from her favourite video game!



See, I told you, the possibilities are limitless!


I hope you are convinced and raring to go to the next workshop! Click here to find out when that will be!

Don’t forget to get in touch and send me a photo beforehand. It’s easy to do! Simply Facebook message me your photo, or attach one in an email to iowstarcraft(at)gmail(dot)com before coming to the workshop. I will bring your photo cut to size in a prepared frame for you to then decorate as you wish and add to your personalised star!

HELPFUL TIP: horizontal (i.e. landscape) and close-up photos work best.

Of course, if you are not fussed about a photo, there are lots of pretty centre-pieces for your star that can make an equally creative impact, so don’t fret. This is an easy, relaxed, no pressure approach to craft, where emphasis on individual needs, creativity, kindness, support and fun are all at the very heart of it.


Leave a comment below or get in touch via Facebook to reserve your place now at a discounted rate for advanced booking! Prices range from between £7-£10, depending on length of session & children aged between 10-16 get in half price! I like to keep the costs as low as I can, but if you are still struggling and would like to come, please get in touch, and let’s see if we can work something out. Crafting is about being inclusive for all, no matter what ability or capability.

I really hope to see you soon at the next workshop! Take care my fellow crafters! Happy glueing!