I Love This Town!

I Love This Town!

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A little while ago I was having fun showing a few people how to make paper stars out of recycled Christmas cards. More and more people kept asking me to show them how to fold these cards and I was so passionate about it a friend suggested I have a go at teaching my own craft workshop. At first I baulked at the idea, who me!? But the idea grew and grew and a little voice inside said, go for it! I managed to muster enough courage to ask around to see if anyone would be interested in hosting me, and low and behold, they were!

Liz at Splash has been absolutely fabulous in suggesting who to connect with in Ryde. I have been going to her shop for years to buy all my greetings cards which have now made me famous around the globe for “always sending the best cards!”.

Liz has been so helpful in getting the word out and promoting my workshops in her beautiful card and jewellery shop on Union Street, the only problem is… the cards I buy there are too pretty to cut up! 

Sew n So Fabrics and Fired Art Ceramics have been fantastic in giving me my first shot at teaching my recycled paper star ornaments. Teaching craft has grown into a life of its own, full of glitter and glue, and now there is no turning back! I have since met some wonderful crafty friends in the process. It has now grown and people are asking for more and more workshops all around the island!

Lindsey and Marie at Sew n So Fabrics are very talented and knowledgable women, whom I am very happy to have met and been deeply inspired by. 

Their marvellous fabric and wool shop is also host to Make It Wight which fills the place will all manner of beautiful hand made gifts. It is a great place to highlight what this gorgeous island has to offer and the creativity it brings.

I can barely leave the place without indulging in some lovely lace ribbon, beautiful buttons, and perhaps a gift item I say is for someone else, but never manage to give away….Oh come on! I deserve a treat too, right? Okay, mental note…always buy two! One for me, one for you, I promise!

Anne Brown at Fired Art Ceramics has such gentle kindness which was just what I needed to get my foot in the door with this whole new craft adventure.

Anne’s studio is full of vibrant people all who all love to chat, laugh, paint, knit & craft!

Not forgetting to mention of course, their delicious selection of teas and cakes at the cafe in the back to keep us all going!

I urge you to visit these places and see for yourself what they have on offer. The Isle of Wight is brimming with open hearted, creative and talented people. Let’s support them and join together to make this community something about which we can all shout “I LOVE THIS TOWN!”

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